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JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (565,062)
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3/15/12 11:55 P

Maybe you need to tighten up all the loose skrews.

LEEDAWGZ SparkPoints: (70)
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3/15/12 11:21 P

I pretty much have the same problem, but it is not really a squeak, its more of a creak. I tried lubricating everything with a 3 in 1 lubricant. That didn't help... I read that some people replaced their washers with nylon washers and that helped.
I might try that.
guess i'll have to turn the music up for now!

CHER321 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/23/11 7:56 A

My husband has had to put new bearings in my exercise bike a few times. Maybe that is the problem. He says I put more miles on my exercise bike than I do my car, which is a good thing.

AGASSIFAN Posts: 2,897
3/23/11 7:06 A

BE PROUD of that squeak!!!! It means you are using exercise bike recently developed "added audio components" that weren't there before....I just crank up the music or TV and KEEP ON PEDALING!!!!

BILL60 Posts: 943,542
3/23/11 7:00 A

Another reason to go outdoors.

3/23/11 1:01 A

I have a brand new golds gym elliptical and it squeaks so loud when anyone over 100 lbs gets on it,but the weight limit is supposed to be 250.When I get on it ,it starts squealing When my daughter gets on it ,its actually very quiet.
We have also tried the silicon spray,and greased it,you name it.I have heard a lot of people complain about the same problem with the golds gym brand ellipticals.I turn up the music and try to drown out the noise.Maybe the lighter I get the less it will squeal,crossing my fingers.

REDSHOES2011 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/22/11 11:27 P

Perhaps it needs to be sent to repair.. A three year old elliptical if used all the time- will suffer wear and tear.. Sometimes can't spray wear and tear of needing new parts away or chains needing to be tightened up like on a bike...

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SARAHO228 SparkPoints: (21,029)
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3/22/11 11:14 P

Is it now squeaking after putting that on? I would call the manufacturer of the unit (if u know who that is). See what they recommend. WD-40 will actually crack certain plastics and swell rubber (if it immersed in it). I have a Tony Gazelle that screeched really loud metal on metal. I sprayed some 3-In-One Pro Silicone spray on it and that took care of the problem right away. Good luck.

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SUECHRIS50 SparkPoints: (72,085)
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3/22/11 4:39 P

I have a 3 year old golds gym elliptical that i have sprayed with wd40 and greased with sports equipment grease and it is driving me looney!!!Got any ideas??

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