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11/9/11 12:07 A

Good point. I did another search specifying cooked lentils, and came across this site,, where they compare the different forms. is where I got my info about sprouts... I feel like a calorie detective! :) emoticon
I'm on stage 2, the "good carb" habit. It's new territory for me!

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11/8/11 8:24 P

There's a big difference between "one cup lentils, sprouted" and "one cup sprouted lentils". Obviously when lentils have grown long sprouts it will take way fewer of them to fill a cup. If you're not sure, this would be an idea time to measure calories by weight, rather than volume.
This picture should help explain why you can fit fewer sprouted lentils into a cup!

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11/8/11 12:56 P

Wow, I've not heard they were lower in calories! That's great. I've been meaning to get into sprouting more things before I eat them, and this is even more motivation.

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11/8/11 12:07 P

You're right. Sprouting is a much healthier way to get in your legumes and other veggies. It is pure and no bad soils from the ground are used.

I haven't started sprouting yet, but will when I move to my new location.

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11/8/11 11:12 A

I've been a fan of sprouts for years due to the fact the sprouting makes seeds of all kinds easier to digest and increases their nutrient content. This is my first time counting calories, and, to my happy shock, sprouts are INCREDIBLY lower in calories than their unsprouted counterparts (1 cup lentils, approx 280 calories (can't remember exact;y). 1 cup sprouted lentils, 82 calories!) Apparently, the sprouting process uses up a lot of the starch in a seed.
I am wondering if I'm mistaken about this as I can't find anything on this site about it? Sprouting is so easy and cheap - I hope my info is correct!

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