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8/8/11 9:59 A

Many of her recipes are makeovers of recipes that are popular. She changes them from hign sodium or adds healthy ingredients that add fiber. On some she lowers the amount of calories or fat.

If you feel a recipe doesn't fit your diet plan keep looking as there will be something that will fit, maybe a member submitted recipe.

Have a great day and I wish you the best with your weight loss goals.


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8/7/11 6:59 A

I thought that some of the recipes are high in calories and fat for my taste. But they fill me up so I don't eat as much, I like the recipes and there seems to be one for any thing you like.

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6/4/11 10:59 P

is iit jus me or are there others that think chef meg's recipes aare not low enough in calories or fat to be on a serious weight loss program??? there are millions of other recipies out for people who are not watching there intake, i am constantly amazed at her lack of empathy for our situation....she uses the cloak of moderation is the key, but the fact that a lot of us are on this websight indicated to me that we have a issue with moderation to begin with!

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