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4/2/13 6:52 A

yes you do set the free DVDs

4/2/13 2:45 A

I got my DVDs yesterday

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3/30/13 6:13 A

Yes I received my DVDs on Thursday. I live in Ottawa, Canada

3/29/13 11:58 P

I have pre-ordered my book from They say that it will be shipped around May 7 or 10th. I have already been credited for my 3 months on SparkCoach and am on the special team for the book. I haven't yet received my exercise DVDs, although I trust that they will be arriving soon. Alot of the people on the Sparkteam for the book have said that they have received theirs.

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3/29/13 8:59 A

I haven't done it-- but if you click on the New book link here on Spark, and then click on the order link-- there's a link for Amazon. The "redeem" part is a form you fill out here on Spark that includes where you ordered it from, order # etc. So it looks like ordering from Amazon is okay.

It sounds like a great deal-- I'm in maintenance now so idk how much it would help me.... I think if I was still trying to lose I'd order the book for sure, the bonus stuff sounds like a fabulous deal. I may end up ordering it anyway-- I've been working hard at exercise for a month now and could really use a reward!! And maintenance is not much different, you just get more calories. You still need to make them healthy choices.

Edited to add: And of course, any book or information or whatever, only works if you actually apply what you learn. I read the Spark and I have the Cookbook. But you have to use the information, to get the real benefits. ; )

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3/28/13 3:37 P

is it really true that you'll get those free gifts they say you will?
It sounds appealing!
even if I order from
has anyone done this?
thanks for any advice!

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