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11/29/13 1:21 P

I gave it a few tries (I bought 3 months AND had a free 3 month trial with my preorder of The Spark Solution). I honestly did not like it.I felt like the videos were overly cheesy, and that distracted me- not that it gave any new information. The only thing I got out of it was a little laugh at a couple videos where the person (I believe they were Dietitian Becky and Chef Meg videos) pronounced the "l" in tortilla (when the double "l" in Spanish makes the "y" sound. And there was also "pico de gallo" pronounced "pecko day gayo"

Personally, Sparkcoach was a complete waste of money for me. I am pretty upset that they gave up Spark Live meetings for this. I don't need little videos. I like the instant interaction of the meetings.

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11/28/13 9:58 P

does anyone still use spark coach? if so, do you like it still?

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