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Posts: 2,902
3/5/13 5:53 A

havent signed up for spark coach yet.. thinking about it

SparkPoints: (95,813)
Fitness Minutes: (74,165)
Posts: 2,905
3/5/13 5:34 A

Definitely recommend buying the SPark Solution and then you will get 3 months free on Spark Coach. Good tracking system.

Posts: 7,685
3/4/13 9:18 P

I ordered The Spark Solution today and started my 3 month free access. I love it.

SparkPoints: (58,676)
Fitness Minutes: (41,036)
Posts: 2,745
3/4/13 3:34 P

Yes, I have spark coach. They do have specials on prices. The info does help. I think you should try and see how you like it, the only difference is, when you sign up and pay, you can have contact with a coach.

Posts: 29,689
3/4/13 8:44 A

Yes, there is a free week trial if you want to see if it is right for you. Also, we are currently running a special offer for those that pre-order our new book The Spark Solution, you can receive 3 months of SparkCoach and 2 free workout DVDs by Coach Nicole. If you are already subscribed to SparkCoach, the 3 free months will be added to the end of your current subscription.

CAREBEAR635 - I believe the year subscription offer is now available to everyone.

Coach Denise

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Posts: 433
3/3/13 10:19 P

I've had spark coach since last Sept. I've done it off and on (missed some days due to my work/school schedule). I think it's worth it. It's just a structured approach where you check in every day (don't worry if you miss a day because it always picks up where you left off so you don't miss anything). The first page gives you a visualization exercise to do. The second page has you do a self-evaluation on how you are doing - overall how was your eating, exercising, etc. You rate yourself on a scale, and it keeps an average for you. There's a place to journal a few sentences about how you did over the last 24 hrs. The next page takes you to a program page where you either read something that the Spark Coach has placed there as the topic of the day or you watch a video. It's usually 3-6 minutes long and there are several coaches - Nichole, the fitness girl, Meg, the chef, Spark Guy - Chris Downie, the dietician, or some other coaches they have. I have found the information very helpful. It's focused based on how you score yourself, as well as going through the 4 stages of the spark diet (for the 1st 90 days - there is also a program for plateaus, and one for motivation and ongoing for maintenance). The next page is links to the nutrition tracker, the fitness tracker, the spark points wheel, and check marks to chart your goals (spark streaks). The last page is community where they give you an idea for blogging on your own page or else encourage you to look at certain blogs, message boards, or spark teams. You can also update your own status. The last page gives you a motivational quote and a WooHoo!

I personally really like it, especially compared to Weight Watchers. Sure, you can just use the trackers yourself, and read the different articles, etc. here for free, but I enjoy checking in daily on Spark Coach. I have been more motivated to implement the ideas. I pay $7.99 a month, but it was $14.99 for the first 3 months. I heard they have offered some specials where you can get 6 months or a year special pricing, but they are still working at implementing different pricing options ( I wrote them and asked if I could get a year special and I currently cannot, but maybe sometime in the future).

You get a week free to try it, and if you get it for 3 months, they you are only out $14.99. You can quit it at anytime.

SparkPoints: (7,311)
Fitness Minutes: (1,404)
Posts: 1,455
3/3/13 9:13 P

ok I am thinking about signing up for spark coach. I guess I am kinda scared to take the plunge and sign up. if you have a spark coach will you pls give me some good things about it. I would really like to sign up but afraid to. thanks in advance melanie

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