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2/6/13 7:22 A


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2/5/13 10:14 P

mystery solved

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2/5/13 6:48 P

Oops! Ha ha!

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2/5/13 6:43 P

hahahah ;)))) Ive just discovered the problem my information i was down as a MAN !!! lol
ok panic over ..thank fully I have been loosing all be it slowly ..but now i have a proper FEMALE calorie count.

Thanks guys for your help :)
jan x

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2/5/13 6:40 P

Hi Bunny im sure i put sedentry due to my probs ..oh blast what if i didnt..can i change it without loosing everything ??? :(

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
2/5/13 6:38 P

When setting up, did you put your activity level to "active"? If so, change it to "sedentary" and see what calorie range comes up.

Also if your ticker is stubbornly in kg, there is a way to fix it. You go to your Start page, look for the little link near the top-left "account/email preferences." Go there, and down in the middle of the page, in the My Information section, there's a checkbox "use metric system." Uncheck it. Then your ticker will show in pounds.

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2/5/13 6:37 P

Any idea how i would rectify it ? Ive tried changing my goal to 190 ..180. and loss 1 - 2lb .calories still stay high..I am at present 211

No Im sure i chose pounds ..its only the ticker thats showing kgs for some reason.
Would i have to delete my account and restart ?

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2/5/13 6:36 P

I just saw your 2nd post...
Is your program set up using Killograms instead of pounds???---this will make your calorie range incorrect. It would make you appear to be a much larger person than you actually are.

2/5/13 6:34 P

For most women...1500-1850 would be a too high calorie range for weight loss. I am wondering why yours is so high. Sometimes this happens for members who have a greater amount to lose (like more than 100#) or when one is doing hours of exercise. I think there maybe something set up incorrectly with your program. ????

Dietitian Becky

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2/5/13 6:30 P

Hi ,,I'll check :) my ticker I think is a bit weird,its in kgs and i'm usuing pounds ..but yes I want in total to loose about 28lb now . I was only looking at 2lb for about a month
Just checked and it definately says 1500 - seems an awful lot ! I find it ahrd to eat 1500 !! my exercise is mild due to medical aliments but I am active all day long. Any ideas ??
thanks :)

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2/5/13 6:23 P

I don't think so, no.

For starters, I don't think you have enough to lose to be able to manage 2 lbs per week. If you were looking at 50+ pounds to lose, then yes, but you have about 24 to lose, according to your ticker. The less we have to lose, the slower it will come off. For your goal, something closer to .5-1 lb per week would be much more reasonable.

Eating less than your recommended range will NOT make it come off faster, either; less is not more in this case. In fact, undereating by so much (up to 200 less than your minimum range) will actually slow your metabolism because it's not enough to fuel your workouts. The range you are given is to account for your exercise.

Are you sure you have your goals set up properly? That doesn't sound like the kind of range a 2 lb loss at your weight would produce.

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2/5/13 6:14 P

Hi i have set my goal to a 2lb weight loss a week for a short term ,spark is saying 1500 - 1850 calories a day ,my crdio is set to 3 times a week at 15 mins ..can this really produce a 2lb a week weight loss ? I am stayinga round 1350-1500 calories . Thanks for any advice

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