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1/7/14 12:23 A

I've noticed on Amazon they are a little bit cheaper than buying them directly off of the Spark People site! I ordered a Spark Tracker today and I paid $55 with the tax and had free shipping. I bought it from the Clearance Warehouse section.
I have a FitBit Zip now and find it 99% accurate for me! We'll see how it goes with the Spark Activity Tracker! I have given up on regular pedometers but hear the Omron HJ line is the most accurate of pedometers~

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1/6/14 2:33 P

I don't know about this one BUT I might be able to help with the inaccuracy factor. I purchased a New balance Via Calorie tracker which is a pedometer, distance calorie and fat burned tracker in one. While setting it up It explained that setting your weight accurately And setting your step distance accurately is important BUT that if you don't walk in a consistent pace and/or you don't walk properly as in you shuffle your feet it wont register. You also need to make sure a pedometer is in an area of your body that it will stay perpendicular to the ground for the most accuracy. Hope that info helps you regardless of what or if you buy one.

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1/6/14 2:17 P

I saw a promo code for 10 dollars off and then when I came back it was gone -- would like to know if there is still one so I can order this :)


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1/6/14 10:36 A

Anyone use the Spark activity tracker? What are your thoughts? I'm hesitant to buy pedometers cause they are so is this different? Do you have or have you seen a promo code for it?

I'm really interested cause it says it tracks it into our fitness tracker.....does it have to be your p.c. that it is close to ....what about your ipad or tablet?

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Thanks for all your feedback!


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