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1/13/13 12:02 P

I dont use Soy Sauce. I am not used to eating salty food, I don't like the taste! I would rather take fruit preserves... warm them up and make a "healthier" version of a sweetand sour dipping sauce

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1/13/13 11:24 A

in my experience, soy sauce is going to be high in spite of what version you use. I would just go to the aisle that has it and look at the reduced sodium items available to you at your local supermarket.

one thing that can help is to remember that while it IS high in sodium it should NOT forbidden. measure it out on your food and adapt to the new taste. too many times I would just dump it on without any thought like any other condiment.

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1/13/13 10:48 A

is their a better version out their? For one tablespoon OMG. so looking for a better one or replacement

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