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You can exercise the muscles that are not sore. Often, when my next workout time comes and I still feel sore from the previous workout, I just do the exercises that hit those that are not sore yet, and skip the ones that would hit the still sore muscles.

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Soreness is due to microscopic tears in the muscle. The best thing to do is a light cardio workout to increase blood flow to the muscles, stay well hydrated and try eating a little protein with some carbs after your workouts.

As far as anti-inflammatory meds such as ibuprofen or NSAIDs, there have been numerous studies that show that these meds can actually slow down our healing process by blocking prostaglandin production which is part of the healing process and because of the GI issues, the risk far outweigh the benefits. Not to mention, because these meds can stay in your system come your next workout, you may actually mask any pain you may develop in your next workout which may create other issues.

Take care!

Coach Nancy

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Ice and ibuprofen. Realistically, if you're still too sore to work out the next day, it's best to rest, and let your muscles recover and heal. The rest is how our muscles get stronger! By shoving through, you may injure yourself. It's fine to do some light cardio, like walking or yoga, but keep it low key, and if you did strength training, do not work the same muscle groups the next day.

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bengay you smell like old person but it helps. I smell like it now. (wel;l i small like cvs brand mussle rub)

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How do I relieve the muscle soreness so I can get a good
work out the next day

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