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11/29/12 8:53 A

In addition to talking to your doc, take a look at your footwear.....has anything changed recently? Did you buy a new style, or perhaps your "old standby" tennis shoes are worn out and need to be replaced? Are you standing on a different type of surface at work?

If you sit a lot, you may have some muscles that are misfiring from lack of use (especially since you admit you haven't been exercising).

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11/28/12 10:18 P

The physical therapist taught me that overused muscles will become sore. That is even the case if one is not exercising, but can be caused by sitting in the same position for several hours, day after day, or having a job where one stands all day (such as a pharmacist at a computer, or someone collecting money at a toll booth.)

Don't know if this applies in your situation, but if it does, you might try stretching those aching muscles every morning and evening and see if it does not help over a few weeks. You won't notice a difference overnight, but over several weeks it might help.

Exercise sure has helped some of my sore muscles such as my aching back from poor posture, and aching neck from whiplash in a car wreck.
I hope this helps!

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11/28/12 6:07 P


If this is something new that you have never experienced, you may want to contact your doc or healthcare provider and see what he/she has to say. They are most familiar with you and your medical history and may be able to offer you some idea.

I hope you feel better soon.

Coach Nancy

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11/28/12 6:02 P

I have noticed lately than my legs and back have been sore. Funny thing is I have not really been working out in over a month! I do some standing at work (total of maybe 10 hours a week) and go up flights of stairs to my apartment and that has been about it (sad I know).

I am just baffeled because my legs ache like I have been on the elliptical or walking miles on end. I never used to feel sore (when not working out) and now I am sore everyday regardless if I workout or just do humdrum tasks (errands, standing at work, etc..nothing even close to strenuous thats for sure)

as for my pathetic "workout" history:

(Im 31 and around 187-192) yes its that much fluctuation :/ since aug - sep I exercised 2-3 times a week (gym elliptical or bike, occasional walk on treadmill for total 30min-1 hr) and in oct I have exercised maybe 1-2 times a weeks and hikes maybe 6 times from aug-oct (1.5hr to 2 hr). I have not worked out once in November! and now I am so achey it is odd!

does anyone else have this weird sensation? I know everyone will tell me "I just need to stretch", but I am just CONFUSED as to why I am so sore from NOTHING?! :(

am I just that out of shape?

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