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1/8/13 7:24 A

Many foods naturally have a small amount of sodium in them, including fruit and vegetables. Sodium is necessary to a healthy diet. The problem is when you buy manufactured foods in today's society they are loaded with extra sodium. Which means the average person gets far too high of a sodium intake if they eat processed foods. You should have a minimum of 500mg of sodium a day.

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1/8/13 5:57 A

There is about 60mg of sodium in a large egg...this mineral is in many foods and is required by our bodies to function properly. It helps keep fluids balanced in our bodies and it helps our system absorb nutritients from our digestive track. A little salt is good for dont worry...just dont add salt.

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1/7/13 11:35 P

There's sodium in chicken food.

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1/7/13 10:48 P

Eggs naturally have sodium.

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1/7/13 10:35 P

Why does it show sodium in hard boiled eggs in the nutrition tracker? I do not add any salt to the water when I boil my eggs and I also do not add any salt when I eat the boiled egg. Can someone explain to me how an Egg alone contains sodium??
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