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10/13/11 11:40 A


MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,443
10/12/11 10:45 P

Well done on gaining awareness, and losing pounds!

TONISTRELEC Posts: 2,738
10/12/11 8:54 A


10/12/11 7:04 A

Yes it really works! I just won a weekly diabetes weight loss challenge...Soooo Happy emoticon

AZURELITE Posts: 1,407
10/12/11 5:29 A

emoticon Yes it does!

ADDYW1 Posts: 223
10/11/11 7:04 P

Yes it really works! Great job and keep up the hard work!

ADDYW1 Posts: 223
10/11/11 7:02 P

Yes it really works! Great job and keep up the hard work!

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10/9/11 9:37 P


IVYLASS SparkPoints: (220,571)
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10/9/11 7:26 P

Yes, it really does work!!

OREOSMILE Posts: 626
10/9/11 5:05 P


emoticon emoticon emoticon

SPARKGUY SparkPoints: (69,952)
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10/9/11 1:09 P

Woohoo -- I LOVE posts like this. Keep this up and you will reach goals in all areas of life that you may have never thought possible. I've seen this happen to tens of thousands of people on SP and you could be next :).


Chris (SparkGuy)

THISISMYTIME123 SparkPoints: (13,719)
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10/9/11 10:48 A

woo hooo! awesome

AVILLARREAL82 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/9/11 9:46 A

Yay! Congratulations.

BSD111983 Posts: 40
10/9/11 3:32 A

One thing, i realized today after stepping in at the scale and seeing the numbers declining every weigh in, I've got to say "this really works"!!! yeahhhh! I've been yoyo dieting and did not incorporate exercise on my weightloss before and after a week I just quit,,but now its totally different, i think with the correct knowledge, with the awareness, and by logging in at spark almost daily, I am heading to the right direction!
I think i found the correct formula for me to take off these pounds!!!I'm excited to put the 5 pounds lost badge on my profile, .4pounds to lose to complete it!! emoticon

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