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5/24/13 5:52 P

Woohoo! Keep it up! Every day is another step in the right direction!

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5/24/13 10:35 A

That's great. emoticon

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5/23/13 12:34 P

I agree- -this site IS TRANSFORMING! emoticon I'm so glad that you found it and are doing so well. emoticon

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5/23/13 11:34 A

I agree with you emoticon

Make a choice to talk more about your blessing than your problems...more good things will come your way when you do!
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5/23/13 10:01 A


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5/22/13 8:45 P

Well done! And glad your DH is ok!

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5/22/13 7:20 P

April, I think you've been sparked! It happened to me two years ago and the rest is history! Really, this website is THEEE Best. Everything you ever want to know or learn is here. Welcome!

Spark On!

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5/22/13 7:12 P

I'm glad your husband is okay.

Congrats on your progress! emoticon

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The Lesson: If you can't accept yourself, then certainly no one else will.”

-Sasha Azevedo-
5/22/13 1:02 P

That's awesome!!! keep up the great work and send me some motivation!!!

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5/22/13 12:33 P

So I found this site 6 days ago and have been loving it. So far I have lost 5.2 pounds. This site is really what I needed to get my self going.

What I am really proud of is that yesterday my husband got hurt at work and we spent until 8:00 pm in the er ( nothing to bad just needed some stitches, he is fine now) and the old April would of come home got the kids ready for bed, watched some TV and then went to bed... BUT the new April went home, got then kids ready for bed, cleaned the house AND still did my 45 min core work out! this is a very large hurdle for me! I am making real life changes!

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