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JILLO137 SparkPoints: (8,170)
Fitness Minutes: (5,092)
Posts: 149
1/25/13 8:20 P

to brush my teeth or to drink a hot tea are the best ways for me to stop or avoid eating in the evening.

FIREWOMN Posts: 638
1/25/13 7:55 P

When I get a sweet tooth in the evening, I often eat an ounce of raisins.

ANNAMARIE2424 SparkPoints: (252)
Fitness Minutes: (180)
Posts: 6
1/25/13 7:52 P

You're right. Brushing my teeth ends it all. My problem is a lot of times I eat later than I would like for dinner so my snack is later, etc... I'm working on this. emoticon

JOS4EVER SparkPoints: (44,408)
Fitness Minutes: (15,291)
Posts: 954
1/21/13 10:55 P

Yes I like something before bed. Tonight was Greek yogurt and fruit.

JILLO137 SparkPoints: (8,170)
Fitness Minutes: (5,092)
Posts: 149
1/21/13 10:22 P

I know exactly what you're going through...... I don't have to eat all day long, but in the evening I could eat EVERYTHING I find. I made it to one of my goals that I stop eating at 8 pm. So I take one or two little treats after dinner but that's it. It is really hard to resist, but try brushing your teeth when you wanna stop eating; that might help. I also can't fall asleep if I eat to much in the evening, so I know I'm helping my body to rest. Always think about the "good thing" you can get if you stop eating at eight - that might help as well.

JIACOLO SparkPoints: (538,614)
Fitness Minutes: (219,506)
Posts: 29,376
1/21/13 9:48 P

I have two clementines every night. Having to peel them takes time and keeps my hands busy. The smell is wonderful. And they take some time to eat, so by the time I am done with both I am not hungry anymore.

THISISTHEREALME SparkPoints: (3,017)
Fitness Minutes: (545)
Posts: 160
1/21/13 9:05 P

Sometimes I have popcorn

FIRSTTWIN1972 Posts: 472
1/21/13 7:44 P

No food after 8pm. I will have a diet caffine free soda to ward off the sweet tooth. emoticon

SCHEALTHNUTT SparkPoints: (49,055)
Fitness Minutes: (24,637)
Posts: 1,913
1/21/13 6:53 P

Either I dont or have a piece of fruit or popcorn !!

ANNAMARIE2424 SparkPoints: (252)
Fitness Minutes: (180)
Posts: 6
1/21/13 5:42 P

Wow, great idea and real low in calories. I'll tell you, when it gets to be my time to just chill out, that snack craving takes over. It's ridiculous. I'm fine all day. I need to reprogram myself. Popcorn is my favorite right now. Thanks so much.

AIREEULL SparkPoints: (7,128)
Fitness Minutes: (4,610)
Posts: 339
1/20/13 6:38 P

i get HUGE candy cravings and i love gummy candy. so i make my own using sugar free jello and plain gelatin. use 1/3 water, 3oz box of jello, and 1.5 packets of gelatin. boil and stir constantly. pour into container and let it harden. i usually put mine in the fridge. then cut it into small pieces. i think it comes out to around 20 calories or so per serving.

popcorn or fruit is also good. i also like to dip pretzels in buffalo sauce. kinda weird i know, but good.

KMMAKI SparkPoints: (91,837)
Fitness Minutes: (104,007)
Posts: 2,100
1/20/13 4:31 P

popcorn or a small bowl of cereal

TCCAGLE Posts: 757
1/20/13 4:19 P

Welcome to Spark People I am new also I love it!!! ---6oz of light yogurt and a small package of peanuts---

ANNAMARIE2424 SparkPoints: (252)
Fitness Minutes: (180)
Posts: 6
1/19/13 6:13 P

Thanks everyone for the tips and ideas. This site is FABULOUS!!!

MOBLUEBIRD SparkPoints: (5,262)
Fitness Minutes: (1,848)
Posts: 17
1/18/13 10:10 P

ethelmerz -- great ideas! thanks!

EMILYDOODLE Posts: 1,708
1/18/13 9:39 P

yes, a few cracker chips and a few pork rinds.

UMBILICAL Posts: 12,786
1/18/13 9:27 P

My issue

ETHELMERZ Posts: 19,232
1/18/13 9:19 P

We always save calories for 2 snacks at night, they sell little cups of grapefruit segments that make a good snack, and filling. Skinny Cow frozen fudge bar on a stick, or Healthy Choice frozen bar on a stick. Light Laughing Cow cheese triangles, I just put 2 in a tiny bowl and spoon them. s/f Suisse Mocha powdered hot drink, or Folger's double mocha s/f powdered hot drink. They don't taste as sweet as s/f cocoa mixes. No sugar added applesauce. Some markets with deli sections have those prociutto/mozzarella roll ups, ready to go, those are good for diabetics who don't need starch at the moment. I also buy reduced fat Kraft cheese rectangles, and cut up pieces of cheese, wrap each piece so we can just grab one.
We have just discovered Pop Chips, they are not bad at all. Pirates Booty also is not bad, comes in little baggies, but you can measure out your own baggies of that.

PURECOUNTRY29 Posts: 866
1/18/13 9:13 P

watermelon, or 100 calorie pop corn

ANNAMARIE2424 SparkPoints: (252)
Fitness Minutes: (180)
Posts: 6
1/18/13 8:43 P

Glad it's not just me with the snacking. Popcorn is a great snack and I love it. I'll also have to try the PopChips. LOVE THIS SITE!!! Thanks so much for your reply and your tips!!!

ANNAMARIE2424 SparkPoints: (252)
Fitness Minutes: (180)
Posts: 6
1/18/13 8:39 P

Thanks a million for the tips!!! I love popcorn and the frozen yogurt is a great idea as well. I'm finding more and more information which is great. This site certainly is resourceful, and it's a blast logging all my information in. Again thank you.

ZENANDNOW SparkPoints: (68,476)
Fitness Minutes: (2,138)
Posts: 4,632
1/18/13 7:25 P

Welcome to SparkPeople! emoticon

I also plan for a nightly snack, as long as it falls between my daily calorie range. The most filling snack for me is popcorn. I currently use Jolly Time butter-flavored micro popcorn (3-bags per box). This popcorn is Weight Watchers approved as well. One bag will make up to 5-cups of popped corn, with only 110 total calories.

If you like potato chips, you might try PopChips...a potato chip which is popped like popcorn, instead of fried or baked. One 28-gram serving (about 23-chips) is only 120-calories, and is low in sodium. They are surprisingly good and satisfies my taste for chips.

Raisins are another good option. Sometime I like to eat 1/4-cup (120-calories); raisins are quite healthy for you as well.

And then there are almonds. I buy honey-roasted almonds. A 1/4-cup (30-grams) are 170-calories. I eat them one at a time while watching tv. Nuts are quite healthy for you as well, although if you eat too many of them, you will consume a lot of calories.

COPPERFIRE952 Posts: 139
1/18/13 7:02 P

...and by the way...welcome to the site. It's such a great network of people and resources. Good luck on your journey!

COPPERFIRE952 Posts: 139
1/18/13 7:00 P

I always find myself wanting a before bed snack so I plan for that now and make calorie room in my day for it. As long as I follow my plan for the day I can "treat' myself with an evening snack.

Popcorn is one of my can have a big bowl for very minimal calories. It's also really easy to find super low cal popcorn seasonings these days.

I also like a small bowl of frozen yogurt or ice cream, frozen grapes, chips and homemade salsa, fresh berries with a little whipped cream, sugar free pudding (try freezing a pudding cup - yummy, a small piece of homemade angel food cake.

ANNAMARIE2424 SparkPoints: (252)
Fitness Minutes: (180)
Posts: 6
1/18/13 6:50 P

OK, I'm new to Spark People so here goes. I'm good all day, but I like to munch at night. This needs to end, so I would love some "good"snack ideas. Anyone???

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