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DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
7/29/14 10:58 A

Try pickle spears. I have trouble with controlling my snacking, and I find that if I go for a HUGE amount of flavor in a very small package (like with a dill pickle spear), I'll do a lot better.

Also the idea of a "mini-meal", that is planned for and not just some kind of grazing, is very helpful to controlling my snacking.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
7/29/14 10:52 A

SLIMMERKIWI Posts: 25,932
7/28/14 11:02 P

Pieces of fruit, including dried fruit like dates, figs, and prunes.

A few nuts

Banana with a little peanut butter

Hard Boiled Egg

Little pot of yoghurt

Roasted Chick Peas or Bhuja Snacks (roasted, seasoned green peas)


ARYASVITKONA SparkPoints: (869)
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7/28/14 9:39 P

I like seaweed as an alternative to chips, you can get it in different flavors and it's really good and good for you. I also like these things called "flaxers", they are crackers made of flax seeds. They have several different flavors and they are high in protein too which helps me feel fuller. I get them at whole foods. And I'm addicted to freeze dried pineapple.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,081
7/28/14 7:32 A

i think of snacks as lower calorie meals. so a meat and cheese rollup or yogurt with fruit/granola or a small portion of curry or stew would be a snack. soup or salad could be a snack. so anything that you usually eat as as a meal could be downsized in portion and called a snack.

have you tried making root vegetables into chips? slice them thin, lightly coat with olive oil and seasonings and bake, turning once. they taste and feel much more like chips, but they are still vegetables.

KFOX2003 SparkPoints: (1,567)
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7/28/14 7:26 A

I like these snacks:
piece of fruit and a few nuts
roasted chickpeas
apple dipped in peanut butter

LUEY17 SparkPoints: (3,738)
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7/28/14 7:18 A

I try to avoid all chips and snacks, other than popcorn, no butter, but sometimes I would like something other than vegetables with dips . I try to stay away from white flour, and alot of carbs ,so I dont buy crackers. I know some , like Triscut , are whole grain , but they have alot of carbs,also I cant just eat a few .Any suggetstions ?

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