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KNIBARG SparkPoints: (14,083)
Fitness Minutes: (13,637)
Posts: 246
12/29/12 8:59 A

Way to go! The small accomplishments certainly add up. It is amazing how easy it is to slide when one pizza lunch turns into just one cookie and so on and so on. So this is acutally pretty big! emoticon

12/29/12 8:05 A

You are SO right - and I have been forgetting (or ignoring) that and most of my Sparking strategies that serve us so well. Great job on your part and thanks for the wake-up call!

CMADELINE1 SparkPoints: (36,539)
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12/29/12 7:39 A

Woo hoo for you! My moment was portion control. My cousin sent me a Williams Sonoma Caramel Apple for Christmas. I didn't want to throw it away or give it away--so I challenged myself to eat it with portion control. In the past I would have eated half of the thing in one sitting, now--though--I have only 2 modest small slices. I savor those modest small slices rather than gobble them down. So far so good!

MOMMYOF2RN Posts: 579
12/28/12 10:20 P

Awesome, way to go emoticon

MCFHARPIST SparkPoints: (59,088)
Fitness Minutes: (62,388)
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12/28/12 10:19 P

That is major! Kudos to you. Keep repeating that behavior, and you're home free!

Spark On!

NSTARSMITH Posts: 3,650
12/28/12 8:56 P

You're right! Every small success is a step toward a larger goal. Set a new goal to build on that triumph and then keep doing it! It is a matter of consistent practice, reinforced by small rewards. You can do this! Spark ON!

WYDIXIE Posts: 11
12/28/12 5:32 P

Passed up employee's B-Day pizza lunch, ate what I planned (healthy lunch brought from home)

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