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WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 949
3/20/13 11:40 P

I have sleep apnea and I use a CPAP. I have had it for a year and I still wake in the night in a panic because something is on my face! Really embarrassing.

Anyway, the CPAP does help. I have lost a lot of weight (50#) but that has not improved my sleep apnea or my hypertension. I guess each person if different. I may also need to lose a lot more, too, to night a difference since I am still in the obese category.

HMILLY2020 Posts: 587
3/20/13 9:28 A

I think my husband has sleep apnea tho he hasn't been to the doctors. He'll snore and just stop and its complete silence and then snores/gasps for breath...

Once he dropped about 10 lbs, it has helped a lot. I don't think he did anything too hard in particular. He got regular sleep, drank lots of water and walked the dog daily for at least 15 minutes and did a lot of hand weights.

MARTYJOE Posts: 428
3/19/13 2:31 P

After loosing a significant amount of weight I can say I have no more symptoms

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CHRISTAL80 Posts: 16
3/19/13 8:27 A

I have obstructive, I have a Cpap and can't tolerate it like I wish I could.It seems to keep me awake when I have it on.Have the people you know been successful with the Cpap ?Thanks

3/19/13 1:27 A

I don't personally have it, but i know people who do.
Do you have obstructive apnea or central apnea?
Have you tried a CPAP machine?

CHRISTAL80 Posts: 16
3/18/13 11:22 P

Hello friends I need some help shedding some light at this endless tunnel,I was diagnosed with sleep apnea in 2011 but have had it for many years going by the way I have felt.Wondering if anyone has had some struggles with this as well,any tips or advice woul be so ever greatly appreciated.

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