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I've been doing the 28 day bootcamp. this is my 2nd week. day 12 'bout did me in. day 13 was a non workout day. saturday I had a house full of company so I couldn't work out.

I have managed to add an approximate 1 mile walk every day for the last 3 days.

ny question is this? If I skip a day - can I count my one mile walk instead? I will do the 22 minutes at some point today. I"ve already done the 1 mile and it's 9am. my fitbit shows 2624 steps walked so far today. I have a really hard time getting up to the 10,000 required. I did it once. I do park way out in the parking lot and walk when I have to shop.

I"m always stiff like a board. anyone else have that issue? Is menopause responsible? once I get up and moving I"m fine, but at first rise - I'm stiif as if I'm 90 years old.

religiously exercising and watching my diet, but have yet to lose a pound or even an inch. I am beginning to question whether my calories are accurate based on the charts and if I really need to cut down even further. Fitbit says I need to burn 2184 calories per day. I don't always get there. close but not always there. Is that figure to maintain and NOT lose? seems kinda high.

frustrated but determined in Illinois

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