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MISSRUTH Posts: 4,195
11/1/12 10:43 A

Eating late does not make you gain weight. Your digestive system has no idea what time it is. Like another poster said, the problem with eating late is that it can upset your system, give you heartburn or whatever.

I'd eat a healthy snack before and also after. And I'd take a look at my tracker for the days I work out, try to spread some more calories out during the day so I wasn't stuck with a large deficit late in the day, on workout days.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,130
11/1/12 7:39 A

there are two reasons not to eat for a few hours before bed. 1. if eating that close to bed disrupts your sleep. basically, some people can't eat and digest at the same time, so they have to space it out. 2. some people, when faced with an evening, sit down with a full bag of family sized chips in front of the tv, eat the whole thing, stare in the bottom of the bag wondering why they only got a bag that had crumbs in it and start all over again. in other words, if they don't say nothing after x pm, they will mindlessly eat all evening long, hungry or not.
if neither of these applies to you, then you are fine to eat at 10pm.

you might also want to try some variations.
-could you have a light snack, do a slightly lighter workout and then have a bigger snack after? and when i say snack, i am talking in terms of calories, both snacks should be nutritious foods that contribute to your day, just not large quantities of them.
-could you cut your workout by 15-30 minutes so that you get to eat a little sooner?

NEED2MOVE2 Posts: 1,272
11/1/12 5:38 A

Eat.. if you don't you will be so hungry in the morning you will eat anything you can get your hands on. emoticon

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10/31/12 10:46 P

We burn calories 'round the clock. So what we eat or don't eat in one meal or one day or several days doesn't matter nearly as much as what you are eating on average for several days. It's perfectly fine to not eat a meal or wait to eat. Just focus on the averages more than each meal or day. emoticon

10/31/12 10:29 P

I think, from what I've read on here, that your body doesn't process food any differently if you eat it early or late. I try not to eat to late because I always end up with heartburn late! What if instead of a bigger dinner you budgeted things out and had a bigger snack in the evenings?

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10/31/12 8:49 P

Its always a struggle for's 9:00 pm and I feel like i have to choose to either eat or exercise. If I eat now I won't be able to exercise for about 2 hours or i'll want to throw up. And I'll also be all reved up and won't be able to sleep. If I exercise now, it will be after 10:00 pm before I'll get to eating dinner. And I'm always hearing that eating that late will make me gain weight. Is it really that bad to have a meal before bed? Is it better to skip dinner or skip exercise?

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