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3/19/13 2:00 P

I used to have sinus infections and pressure several times a year. One of my visits to the VA ER the doc on call told me to start sleeping with a cold water humidifier in my bedroom at night. Doesn't need to be on during the day, just when you're in there at night. I've had 2 sinus infections in the last 4 years. When I do have additional pressure I use the Nedipot sinus rinse and it works wonderfully well.
Hope all this helps you.

THEPATH2ME Posts: 62
3/17/13 1:46 A

I agree with Douglye, Sinus rinse AWESOME!! I found out how awesome when I was preggo and needed something for a sinus infection that wouldn't effect my baby. I got hooked!! Whenever I started having sinus trouble I use it and it's miraculous to say the least. Just yesterday I had a sinus headache all day, but wasn't sure if that was it. I used my rinse and felt completely better like 15 minutes later!!! I was mad at myself for not doing it right in the morning! :)

DOUGLYE Posts: 1,541
3/16/13 10:10 P

Have you tried a sinus rinse? NeilMed sells a 'sinus rinse'. they make their money selling the little packs of sea salt and baking soda (that you can mix yourself for 1/10 the price). It's drug free with no side effects.

I had an acute case of sinusitis which gave me a constant 'pressure under the eye' condition and EVERY simple cold turned into a sinus infection. The Ear Nose Throat specialist recommended the sinus rinse. If you are not a candidate for sinus surgery, the rinse should help. (it helped me a LOT, but only after sinus surgery ;-)

JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,653
3/16/13 7:59 P

Steam helps me. Either a long time in a toasty shower or sticking my head over a pot of hot water with a towel.

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3/15/13 11:00 P

You can find your sinus spot by using your fingertip to rub around the area. When you hit on it, then massage it with a circular motion. Using a warm-to-hot damp flannel while you massage helps even more to reduce the build-up that can cause problems, including aching around the eye-teeth roots.


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DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
3/15/13 3:19 P

I get adjusted by my chiro. i find he is better than any over the counter drug. Healthier for me too.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 16,487
3/15/13 11:43 A

A cool moist washcloth placed over the spot.

A hot or cold pack. Be careful with those. Follow instructions because to hot or cold and they can burn your skin.

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3/15/13 11:37 A

Anyone have helpful tips on how to relieve sinus pressure? Already tried Claritin, Sudafed and flonase. I am not congested at all. Just have pressure under my cheeckbone...

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