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9/5/13 11:59 A

I personally did Not loose anything with over a year and a half of Zumba! A few months ago, I started strength training, bootcamp class, I do kettlebell workout at home, and now I am building muscle and the weight is slowing coming off..

ROXIELU0422 Posts: 317
8/26/13 1:45 P

More strength training.

8/26/13 11:26 A

In my opinion you are doing too much cardio at to low an intensity. For fat loss and general fitness two or three intense 30 minute cardio sessions are more than adequate. To look better, feel better and be better at all you do strength train with a workout which challenges your muscles. Your body will thank you.

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8/25/13 10:00 A

ST made a HUGE difference in my overall fitness. I weigh more now than I did at my lowest, but I look much better because I have MUSCLE.

If weight intimidate you, then start with resistance bands. You can find great videos here on spark to get you started!

DMJAKES Posts: 1,635
8/24/13 10:03 P

I agree with the previous posters about increasing the strength training. I would add that you should consider shaking things up a bit on the cardio side. How about one mid-intensity session, one high intensity session (shorter duration), and perhaps one totally different activity. It could be anything--a class, a walk/run outside, an active sport, a dvd, or whatever interests you. You certainly don't need to spend more time on cardio, so I'd say up the intensity.

It sounds like you don't have much to lose, so make sure you're focusing on your diet first and foremost.

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8/24/13 11:28 A

I also agree with the other posters. If you have any group sculpt classes at your gym, definitely take them to get some ideas on what you can do on your own.

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8/24/13 8:21 A

M@L already covered it.

When it comes to slimming down and "toning" up you definitely need emphasis on strength training and if you want any results at all, you'll by-pass the pastel 5-10 lbs dumbbells most women head for in the gym and make your new BFF a barbell.

Take a read of this article; if you want to look like Nicole Richie, increase your cardio and eat few calories. If you want to look like the other fine women in the article, you'll put more emphasis on your ST and eat enough to support muscle growth.

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MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,443
8/24/13 6:28 A

Your cardio program already ticks all the boxes: regular, good intensity, and long enough.

Any extra effort should definitely go into strength training, the returns on any more cardio are going to be marginal.

Strength training is actually a very efficient fat burner. Without ST, up to 25% of your weight loss can come from lost muscle rather than fat. Even a moderate ST program can help you maintain your existing muscle, and ensure more of your weight loss comes from fat alone. And strength training can boost your metabolism by up to 150 calories a day, even on days you don't work out.

A very simple all-body strength workout would comprise:
* squats/lunges
* deadlifts
* planks
* pushups (modified, wall or incline pushups if necessary)
* pull-ups/lat pull downs/one arm dumbbell rows

Should take 20-30 minutes, 2-3 times per week. And don't be afraid to lift heavy - it is far more effective in fat burning than light weights.


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8/23/13 11:38 P

Right now I average about 45 to 60mins of cardio a day, 5 days in a row.
my heart rate average is about 158-176 for all but about two or three minutes at the start.
I do not do a lot of strength training maybe 10 minutes a day about 2 or 3 days a week.
I want to slim down more and tone up.
should I add more cardio or more strength training?

more info about me
I average about 1200-1600 calories a day.
I am 5ft 5in
160 pounds
pear shaped all the women in my family are even the super thin ones
I dont look fat most people guess me to weigh about 130 or 140.
most of my weight is in my hips, thighs, lower abs on hip bone line and in my chest.

bust is 36in (fullest part)
wasit 29in
hips 41in (fullest part)
top of hip bone is 37in
thighs 24.5 in

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