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6/10/13 8:27 A

We need more people like her!

6/9/13 2:34 A

How wonderful!

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6/9/13 12:36 A

Oh wow, that was a beautiful story!!!!!

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6/8/13 10:33 P

Thank you for sharing this slice of life story. Lovely emoticon

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6/8/13 10:03 P

long story-- a woman came into the library where i work. she had a hat she made from weaving pine needles while she was undergoing cancer treatment. she now brings it with her wherever she goes, tells her story, and asks if the person would like to have a photo take while wearing the hat. "put good thoughts into it, take good things from it if that's what you need". it warmed my heart... as i really needed something, and could offer something.

i thought this was a fantastic loving thing to put all of this positivity out into the world.

(as a side bar, she was recovering from breast cancer, and, even though she wasnt planning it, the hat kinda looked like a breast. it was great!)

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