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1/31/13 3:06 A

thanks for sharing
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1/31/13 3:01 A

emoticon sounds good!

for me:
Pilates at home 5-7 mornings/week
Mon evening - spin
Tue evening - HIIT or bleacher workout or run
Wed evening - spin
Thur evening - spin or strength training or bleacher workout
Fri evening - strength training
Sat - strength training
Sun - whatever I feel like (including taking a day off)

my 'bleacher workout' is going to the HS football stadium and climbing the bleachers for 45 minutes or so. It's AWESOME!

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1/31/13 2:58 A

emoticon Mon: 30 Min Legs workout with Step
emoticon Tue: 30 Min Cycling + Upper body Dumbells Workout
emoticon Wed: 30 Min Treadmill
emoticon Thu: 30 Min Fitness Ball (Strength)
emoticon Fri: 30 Min Treadmill
emoticon Sat: Body pump Class
emoticon Sun: 30 Min Pilates

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