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9/12/12 1:05 P

I enjoy a shake every now and again. However, with two children at home I find it unrealistic for everyday. I do enjoy Herbalife shakes. They can be blended with fruit and I find it makes a great breakfast.

LADYBUG1943 SparkPoints: (163,347)
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9/12/12 10:43 A

I make my own shakes--in the form of smoothies. They're usually in the 350 calorie range. This morning's was 513, though... whole milk and whey protein were the base ingredients, a result of being out of the right kind of groceries. More often it's coconut water and spinach with whatever fruit I want to add. They're delicious and carry the full fiber of the spinach and whatever fruit I add. I usually use either whey protein at the cost of 130 calories, or brown rice protein which is only 55 calories but also half the protein.

I've added avocado, pineapple, blueberries, apples, raspberries, etc..... whatever was current in the grocery stores, with a special attention to potassium (hence the avocado). It's a great breakfast, but I wouldn't have three meals of it.

AUNTMISSA Posts: 136
9/12/12 10:34 A

thanks. i like to "eat" so not sure how satisfied i would be doing a shake in place of eating lol.i just thought id look into it and see what people thought. it makes sense tho that it would taking away from eating whole foods that i need

SIMPLY31 Posts: 29
9/11/12 8:19 P

Do you like green tea? If you do, drink that in the morning before your shake. That's what I've been doing....

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
9/11/12 4:23 P

Sheyla - You may get more/better responses if you start your own thread. If you like a shake in the morning fine, but if it means you'll need a snack, make sure to plan for a snack and have one on hand. If a shake doesn't satisfy you for breakfast, why not try something else? I'm not sure what having a hot beverage before your shake will do for you, saiety-wise. I don't feel any fuller any longer on the mornings I drink coffee versus the mornings I don't, that I've noticed.

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9/11/12 12:18 P

for me I usually start my day off with a shake. However by mid morning my mind starts to tell me that I am hungry. I guess that should be around the time that I should snack, but usually have nothing to snack. Another drawback for me and drinking shakes is that maybe i should drink something hot first before relying on the cold beverage. Any thoughts?

LAURIE2000 Posts: 8
9/11/12 11:26 A

I think the shakes are another movement to keep us away from eating whole foods in general. I love the idea, but one of my problems is eating too many processed foods in general and not eating enough fruits and veggies. I am never hungry when I wake up. But I need food to take my vitamins, so sometimes I will take greek yogurt, agave nectar, skim milk, vanilla, and throw in a bunch of frozen fruit and blend it. It is so delicious and good for you and gets my metabolism going, and I can take my vitamins. I am trying to get off of dairy, so this week I have been just using almond milk or coconut milk and frozen fruit. It is really good.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
9/11/12 10:47 A

Of course people lose weight on the shakes. It's still the simple idea of calories in v. calories out. So, if you go from junky high calorie meals to two shakes a day, you're decreasing calories and therefore likely to lose weight. You can do the same thing with a healthy diet. As has already been said, I prefer to eat my meals. Also, for me, it was about changing my mindset and how I view food. I think the big problem with the shakes is that those who use them, while being accustomed to consuming less, have not reprogrammed themselves to actually eat less or make better choices because the choice is simply, "drink this shake". So, when they stop the shakes, their habits haven't changed and the weight does start to come back. For me, changing the way I look at food was a big deal in losing as much as a did and for keeping it off as long as I have. I think they'd be fine for an occasional meal replacement, but there are other, far less pricey, options out there as well.

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AUNTMISSA Posts: 136
9/11/12 10:07 A

that makes total sense! i was thinking about trying it to have on hand for those times when i dont get dinner made or something. not sure if i could drink it everyday in place of a meal( but then again,thats probably how it was meant to be used?)

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9/11/12 10:03 A

My two cents :)

1.) Weight loss is a right, NOT a privellage. You should never have to pay someone to lose weight.

2.) Can I sustain myself on shakes for the rest of my life? Probably not. I like food. LOL

Honestly, there are A LOT of products out there with so many promises, and they all come at a price. It's hard to walk away from it all... but in the end I think it really comes down to sustain and maintain.

I may not lose weight as fast as people replacing meals with shakes.... but in the end, I'm going to be the one keeping the weight off because I made over my life and my eating habits.

I have friends that are doing those Body Vi shakes - one of my gfs lost 25lbs in a month. Once she stopped the shake several months later - she gained 25 back plus a few extra :(

Good Luck to you in whatever you choose... But I would say save your money. Weight loss and health is your right, not a costly privellage. :)

AUNTMISSA Posts: 136
9/11/12 9:53 A

has anyone tried this? what are thoughts/feedback? it is being advertised on my facebook page and im starting to get interested in it.

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