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self-sabotage for mental health

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5/23/13 12:12 P


If you haven't already looked into our SparkTeams, you may want to see if there is a team that will be in line with your goals and common interests to find additional support for your journey. You can find the teams from your Community tab and then click SparkTeams.

Be well,

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5/22/13 9:59 P

sometimes it's just an attitude adjustment. It was a a nice summer day and I was working on a Saturday. I called my dispatcher from my last stop and asked if I was finished for the day. Ok so I made plans. I got back to the office dropped the trailer, finished my paperwork, put my stuff away and went to turn in my papers to the dispatcher. Then he hit with "I got another pick up for you to make". I was steaming, I could slapped him upside the head. When I drove off in my truck I hit the one parked next to me taking the bottom step off. I thought I can't have a bad attitude like this, So I decided that I would go to work just for the fun of it and happen to get paid. I had no more problems going to work after that
Many time people let their feelings and emotions get in their way, Set those aside and use logic and reasoning. I had worked over 12 hours, drove just over 500 miles. I did not feel like going to the gym, but I went any way. After about 10 minutes I felt like staying there. The next day I was rewarded with the good feelings one gets from exercising

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5/22/13 9:42 P

It is so important to take the appropriate steps to get your health (mental or otherwise) in check. Talk to your doctor about all of your concerns. I know first hand how hard it is. I am very lucky that I have found treatment that works for my mental & physical health. Good luck! Since you didnt go into detail about your issues I am not sure exactly what you are dealing with but there is a message board on SP for depression, if that helps.

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5/22/13 8:03 P

I don't have mental health issues (well, I do, but not severely, and the depression is controlled well by exercise.) However, I do have a husband with some pretty severe issues, so I'm intimately familiar with the ups and downs, and know what it is to be supportive for someone who struggles with this.

You're taking a brave step, and I think you're making the right choice.

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5/22/13 5:54 P

I feel like what I am about to start is self-sabotage to me for me my mental health. Long story short is that I need to seriously have the medications I am on for my mental health adjusted. This is not something that I am looking forward to. I am doing this so I can find what works best for me with minimal side effects and the best results.

I have been very happy and looking forward to summer to work on my physical health. Sudden depressive episodes, anxiety and mood issues that arent treated the easiest are the reasons for taking time for my mental health insted of physical health for a little while. I am not happy about this, it needs to happen for the best of me.

My biggest fears are my bodies initial reactions to changing medicines and seeing how everything works in the first few weeks. After the transition period I should do fine, its just the change and how long it has taken in the past to find a combination that works for me. I think I will be fine, its just being patient and not being stubborn for the wrong reasons.

I would go deeper into what I have, I prefer not to though. Its kind of complicated and usually a long story with plenty of questions or curiousity. Anyone who has meantl healht issues that could provide support or be a partner would be great. I have friends with what I have, most dont seem to take their health as seriously or just arent the same when it ocmes to me and my treatment.

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