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3/21/13 9:46 P

My thought is;
You're losing and not gaining. You're going the other direction, so the margin is the difference between what you were gaining over that time, and now losing over the same amount time.

I'm was stuck at a plateau. I'm now doing intermittent fasting (eat all calories in an 8 hr window) and losing 1 lb. a day. I would worry that a Dr would be needed to be certain that hormone issues wouldn't come up if I had surgery like you suffered through and tried fasting for 16 hours everyday.

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3/21/13 4:35 P

Hi Suzan,

I saw your board message about the slow weight loss after a thyroidectomy. I also recently had my thyroid removed and am wondering how it is going to effect my weight loss. Did reducing your calories to the lower end of your range help increase the weight loss? Any tips for a beginner? Keep it up - remember slow and steady wins the race!


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1/15/13 11:26 A

Congrats on your losses so far.
I see best results when I focus on getting 100% of daily nutrition from whole choices (veggies, protein, healthy fats, and fresh fruits).

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1/15/13 10:03 A

Suzan- a thyroidectomy is going to have a major impact on your weight-loss. 0.5-1.5 lbs per week is a good sustainable weight loss, particularly after a thyroidectomy. I would recommend talking to your doctor on this matter for more insight. Lowering calories might or might not have much impact under the circumstances.


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1/15/13 9:46 A

Dear Russell and DragonChilde,
Thanks for responding. I am basing my expectations on my previous weight loss experience, which was so gratifying. I have lost 1.8 pounds in two weeks which, if I take a "cup half full view" is a pound a week. I think I will try to keep at the lower-end of my calorie limit and see if that has any effect and also be as careful as possible with measuring my portions. I have a big event coming up--my daughter's high school graduation in June and I'd like to be at my goal weight, hence the pressure on myself.


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1/15/13 9:26 A

1.5 lbs every 2 weeks is 39 lbs a year. Not many people can maintain that pace in reality.

The only concern would be if you felt deprived in any way. If you feel good, then it is repeatable, and just repeat 25 more times before 2014. Some weeks you may lose more, some less. As long as the scale moves most weeks, you will be fine.

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1/15/13 8:48 A

The scale is moving! 1.5 lbs is a great weight loss! Is your current weight loss ticker accurate? If so, you are simply not fat enough to lose more than that per week! We can safely attempt to lose 3% of our total weight loss goal. Going by your stated goal of 30 lbs, that means you can reasonably attempt (not expect... there will be up days and down days) to lose about .9-1 lb per week.

This is not a race; 1.5 lbs in two weeks is about what I would expect at your current weight! That's really good. :) You're comparing your weight loss to something that happened 5 years ago. Your body is different now, and has taken a beating. Especially considering your thyroid was involved, I'm betting dollars to donuts it's changed how your body works.

The answer is not more exercise, it's an adjustment of your expectations. You ARE losing weight, and eating at the bottom of your range may not increase the weight loss. You do have a range for a reason, so you can experiment with what works for you, but it sounds like what you're doing IS working... just not as fast as you want it to.

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SUZAN30 Posts: 267
1/15/13 8:42 A

Five years ago, I lost 40 pounds by using spark to track calories and exercise. I was very diligent and the weight came off at a regular pace of 2, sometimes 3 pounds a week. I've grained back 30 of those pounds following knee surgery and then thyroid cancer that required a complete thyroidectomy. I want to re-lose the weight, so I've been carefully tracking my food and always staying under my calorie limit (1550) but in two weeks I've lost only 1.5 pounds. I have, however, often been at the higher end of my calorie limit. Would it be better to try to keep at the lower end? I do wonder if my thyroid hormone replacement therapy might be having some effect upon my metabolism, although all my numbers are good (finally!).

For exercise, I've been trying to up my activity level by walking with a pedometer. I usually get in about 7,000-8,0000 steps of sustained walking per day (I don't use the pedometer for just walking around my workplace or home) and 3-4 times a week about half those steps come from using an elliptical machine. I also do an upper body workout with some 5 pounds weights three times a week. I don't think I can up my activity level too much more both because of time constraints and also because I have arthritis in both knees that precludes running, etc.

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