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12/1/13 11:12 P

Great having you here & best wishes to you.

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12/1/13 10:26 P

emoticon , after a fashion...

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I have been on Spark people for almost 3 years and I am ashamed to say that I have failed at using the tools on here faithfully and I am now my heaviest weight ever. To make things worse many of my friends have given me their clothes thar are to big for them now as they have all found the strength and determination to lose weight. The most insane thing is when I look at them I see myself as "smaller" than them but clearly my eyes have been opened to just how big I have really become and I am sick over it. How did this happen when I know excatlly what to do, how to do it and that I need to fit to fit exercise in each day... Why don't I use the tools that I have and do what I need to do... why do I do the same thing and expect different results??? I can't do this alone so I reaching out here for help: (

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