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EELPIE Posts: 2,700
5/22/14 3:07 P

What you had is completely normal.

Losing weight, and creating a new, healthier lifestyle is never gonna be a linear deal. Ever.

If it was, it would not be hard, no one would ever give up.

You are gonna have those days where you are too tired, busy (whatever) to exercise. You forget to drink your 8 glasses of water. You eat more than you intended for dinner. You decide that, although you are over for your calories for that day, you are gonna have that piece of cake for dessert. You have a healthy salad packed for lunch, but everyone else in your office orders takeout for lunch, and you end up ordering a tuna hoagie...

It's life. It's reality.

What is important is that you have more "good" days in a week, than "bad" days in a week.

Sometimes it helps in the beginning to not look at calorie totals on a daily basis, but rather on a weekly one, instead.

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5/22/14 2:57 P

Days like that are the best days to make yourself exercise anyway. You'll have more energy, and feel more positive. I speak from experience as today was a rough one for me too. I started with no energy, and was just having a rough morning in general. I pushed myself to workout anyway, and I'm feeling loads better.
Here's hoping you'll feel much better tomorrow. emoticon

TALLYFL Posts: 8,150
5/22/14 2:52 P

Everyone has a "not motivated' day once in awhile! Recognizing it and getting back on track will move you forward. emoticon

5/22/14 2:37 P

I hope today is going better!

CADEROM Posts: 15
5/21/14 9:24 P

I just am not feeling energized I didn't put forth all of the effort I normally do with my eating...hence at dinner tonight I had home made white pasta instead of my usual whole wheat pasta and I bought store spaghetti sauce instead of making my own...and I had way to many of these yummy cinnamon sugar spiced nuts that I baked yesterday. Obviously a red light food for me! I am hoping to feel more revived tomorrow morning and hit the ground running.

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