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Thanks for that Russell. I'm just trying to get the best estimate I can. Definitely not going to go through the Hassel if weighing the dang thing piece by piece. Yeah, chicken spinach salad is a pretty light dinner, but when I'm working out or training that late in the evening I like something light right before bed. I generally eat a big snack/almost small meal in the late afternoon before going so it's basically like my dinner gets split in half. That's what I do when I'm in the office. Right now I'm traveling so going out for lunch are generally bigger and less protein than I'm used to, and there's always the option of bigger breakfast the next day. That's what I did this morning. Was still hungry while eating so I had some oatmeal and Greek yogurt on top of my typical Omlette and fruit breakfast at the hotel. At least I avoided all the freaking muffins out everywhere! Man I love those things.

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6/5/14 9:21 A

Rotisserie Chicken is very high in salt...

maybe go to the supermarket deli and see if they have Boars Head chicken....they have Lower Sodium Chicken is heart healthy, saturated fat free and rich in protein.

Boars head also has No Salt Added Oven Roasted Turkey Breast which has only 55 mg of sodium per 2 oz serving and they even have Low Sodium Oven Roasted Beef with 80mg of sodium and 90 Calories for 2 ounces....

After I read all the ingredients in a Rotisserie Chicken, the sodium content and unhealthy fats I don't ever touch them.

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6/5/14 7:38 A

This threat caught my eye because guess what I had for dinner tonight? Yep..... Rotisserie Chicken. If you check my Nutrition Page you will see that I had a whole drumstick/thigh with skin on (naughty me, but it is the only time I eat chicken skin :-) but the bone wasn't included. 142 grams is 5 oz. Hopefully that will give you some idea.


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6/4/14 9:34 P

I'd buy one at home and weigh the portion that you'll probably eat so you'll know about how much you are eating. Or figure 3 oz of chicken is about the size of a deck of cards. Just look up roasted chicken.

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6/4/14 9:01 P

I Googled whole rotisserie chicken, and got this

It is pretty close to the 1120 you would get from 24 ozs. of the Costco. I had concerns about the weight of the bones being counted, which would inflate the calories, but I think it may be the closest you are going to get, unless you have a digital scale, and separate the meat from the bones. You could estimate the weight of the bones ( say 6 ozs. ), and count it as 18 ( 6 servings ), but maybe that is already factored in, especially in the whole rotisserie chicken I got nutrition info for.

If you go with the Costco values, if anything you will be over-estimating, and may lose more weight than you want to , but if this is a one day thing, I would just enjoy it, and get back to more easily tracked foods tomorrow. I would eat at least 1/2 the chicken at a setting. With Spinach, you aren't getting a lot of other calories, so I doubt one rotisserie chicken is going to have a huge impact on overall weight one way or the other.

A half chicken, and half a bag of spinach w/ dressing for lunch and dinner each will most likely be fine. If you plan to eat this way more often, I would get a scale for more accuracy, and peel the chicken off the bones.

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6/4/14 8:28 P

For something like that, I use this:
3oz is about the size of a deck of cards.

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6/4/14 8:19 P

So I'll be living out of a hotel for work for a while and I picked one of these up, a bag of spinach, and a small bottle of dressing for a light dinner for after I walk to the gym to train instead of going out to eat with the other guys every other day.

My question is how to track it. It's not a Costco, but I figure using their entry is good enough. It's labeled as 24 ounces, but that includes bone and stuff right? Obviously white and dark and skin will all have different amounts, but I was thinking of just taking equal parts from each each time to mix light and dark meat.

Maybe the easiest way would be to figure how many ounces of meat total would be there? Like, would I get 3 6 ounce servings of meat out of a listed 24 oz chicken? Then I could just eyeball a third of it each time.

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