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10/1/12 12:29 P

THANK YOU everyone - I wonder why so many recipes specify Rotel, particularly as Rotel seems to come in several varieties... Anyway you've solved my problem

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10/1/12 9:37 A

You could probably just buy a can if diced tomatoes and cut up a jalapeno and some onion to add to it.

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
10/1/12 7:38 A

I would look for cans of diced tomatoes with chilis. I know Hunt's has them so does Del Monte, and some other brands. All Rotel is is diced tomatoes with chilies.

NICKYCRANE SparkPoints: (84,888)
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10/1/12 7:05 A

Thank you. I found a recipe for homemade rotel, but it involves reducing 1 1/2 quarts of tomatoes to one, which was too much hassle for me!

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NIRERIN Posts: 14,078
10/1/12 7:02 A

salsa works just fine. basically rotel is just chopped up peppers, onions and tomatoes. so if you can get fresh salsa, that works. if you can only get jarred salsa, that works. if you can just get peppers, onions and tomatoes and chop them up and let them sit in their own juices a bit, that works.
if you like spicier, pick spicier peppers. if you like milder, then green peppers work too.

NICKYCRANE SparkPoints: (84,888)
Fitness Minutes: (45,342)
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10/1/12 6:25 A

Lots of tasty looking recipes include rotel. I can't get it here. How can I make it? Or what can I use instead? Would tomato puree pureed with chilis do the trick?

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