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1/22/14 11:30 A

During the summer I bike to work and I love it.

What I do is carry a backpack with my clothes and my lunch. I normally bike in workout/bike clothes so I don't mess up my work clothes and just change in the bathroom.

I do have a saddle bag where I have a CO2 cartridge and spare tube. A CO2 cartridge is easier to carry than a tire pump and any local bike shop will sell them and teach you how to use it.

Also, before you start riding to work I would plan out your course and practice riding it. Normally every spring, before I start the bike to work season, I will take a weekend afternoon and ride to work and back. This will get me familiar with the traffic, any wierd things in the road (i.e. pot holes, road construction, etc) that I need to be aware of. Even if its a road you drive everyday, you'll be amazed at how different it becomes when you ride your bike on it.

Biking to work is an awesome workout. I'm getting exercise and it has helped me train for triathlons. Plus I'm saving money on gas and wear and tear on my car. I just wish I didn't live in an area where it was cold and snowy 5 months out of the year.

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1/22/14 8:04 A

Does your work have a fitness area and/or shower area? My company does and they even have a bike-to-work program, where you can store things in a locker and get cleaned up before starting.

If no such program, maybe they still have a shower area that you can use to get ready.

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1/22/14 6:30 A

Here's an article you might find helpful:

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1/22/14 5:53 A

for the hair, ponytail it and leave early enough so you can fix your hair when you get to work.

for carrying things I always had baskets on the bike, one on the handlebars and baskets astride the back.

as for clothing getting caught in chains or backsplash during inclement weather, even Schwinn now makes very nice models with chain guards and "fenders" over tires but you can also carry work clothes and change into them at work.

My last bike was a Schwinn with both chain guard and "fenders", it was all terrain and I think I only paid $169 for it at kmart
I loved riding that thing everywhere til I got hit by a truck last September

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1/22/14 5:37 A

hair: wear it in a ponytail.

carrying items: I think they are saddlebags that attach to your bike.

clothes: lululemon just released a line of bike to work clothes.

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Any good helmet is going to fit snugly, so it's gonna flatten your hair. I don't think there's a way around that one.

If your bike doesn't have racks or baskets, a backpack is probably the simplest solution. But panniers are probably the better option, as you don't get as sweaty, and the lower center of gravity makes your bike more stable.

In terms of not getting dirty, probably the best option is to go lycra (there's a reason serious cyclists wear it) and get changed at work. You can get clips/bands to put around your ankles to keep your pants from getting caught, but on a wet day you are still going to get splash from the road.

Also, when you oil your chain, make sure you wipe off the excess. Not only does this ensure your chain and gears last longer (excess oil turns into a gritty abrasive paste), but it won't splatter over you.

Carry a pump and spare tube, and know how to change a tire. If you ride long enough, punctures are inevitable. Replace the tube with the spare, then fix the puncture at home.


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1/22/14 1:51 A

I want to start riding my bike to work this summer, but need suggestions on working out the logistics, ie, a helmet that won't flatten my hair so much, best ways to carry needed items, how to keep my clothes from getting dirty of caught in the chain, etc.

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