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TIBABY Posts: 207
4/12/13 10:11 A

Thanks so much :)... I did it. Thank you for the welcome back note too. I find that tracking
works... but I get lazy after awhile.. and back the pounds come. Stress plays a big part...
and I find that the support on Sparkpeople helps so much because I know I'm not alone.
This is a journey... that you must engage in. Without health, there is nothing !!

NCBLONDIE Posts: 829
4/11/13 9:00 P

Welcome back!

Do you mean the ticker? If so, click on My Trackers up near the top of the page and then click on Start. Right under the welcome (yourusername) on the left side of the page, you'll see Account/Email Preferences. Click on it and then choose the community tab, Click on the Signature and Ticker button. Check the box that says to show my ticker then pick the type of ticker you want. Then hit save changes and your ticker should be back. Whenever you weigh in from the start page, it will update to show your current status.

TIBABY Posts: 207
4/11/13 6:54 P

Hi there: I'm returning and I updated my email preferences and on my web page, some how
deleted my visual weight tracker. I tried to update and showed that I've lost 8 pounds from
past history. I want it to show that I have 27 pounds to lose.. starting from scratch. I've
tried editing my spark page, but the visual does not show. Help :)

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