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12/22/13 6:48 P

Thanks for the replies. I do need to be more consistent with rolling, and do it daily. Last night and today when I used the roller on the quads I could feel the knots as I went over them, ouch! But at least I found them. .

A yoga class is a good idea, I don't really know many stretches for that area.

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12/22/13 3:55 P

When I started using a foam roller, it seemed to work pretty immediately. I could feel a difference the day after the first time I used it. Are you making sure to hit those tender spots ? I know it's painful, but the you need to find those adhesions in your muscles in order to release them. When I learned how to do self myo fascial release, I was taught to hold a stretch on the roller for a good couple of minutes before moving to a different spot. Hold long do you hold a stretch ? Perhaps trying to hold it a bit longer might help.

As I continued to use the roller, I found the results weren't as good. So, these days, I use a PVC pipe. I found that the foam roller just didn't "dig" into those hard to reach knots in my muscles. That's why I went for the PVC pipe. The hard surface seemed to help.

What other stretches are you doing ? have you ever considered a yoga class ? There are some pretty amazing yoga poses that hit a bunch of different muscle groups. Yoga might be something to consider if the foam roller doesn't seem to be working. You might even consider getting a professional massage to see what a massage therapist might suggest.

If you find that the foam roller doesn't seem to help, then try a slightly harder roller like a PVC pipe. you can get a 24 inch length at any Home Depot or hardware store for cheap.

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12/22/13 9:19 A

I was told at a foam roller seminar that particularly tight spots can be rolled every day for 21 days and then you can roll a bit less for maintenance.

12/21/13 7:43 P

I've always had super stiff quads. It doesn't seem like regular stretches work on them. I have been using the foam roller a few times a week on them and it is still super painful. When will the quads loosen up enough to be comfortable with the roller? And if you have used the roller for deeper stretching, how frequently did you use it?

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