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Cooking two separate meals can be expensive, and what your'e not supposed to be eating is... what everyone really shouldn't be eating, right? Check out the recipes here for ideas on tasty ways to cook healthy so the whole family will enjoy. Look at what fruits are on sale for the season and have those as snacks. A SP friend of mine has on his status now that he's having grapes for snack at only 25 cents per serving. We eat LOTS of frozen veggies at my house. I wait for a sale and stack a coupon with them and get them for pennies on the dollar. Canned tomatoes are another one that I get for next to nothing and stock up on. Great for soups, spaghetti sauce, chili, dips, toppings for baked potato etc etc etc. Full of antioxidants and low cal. These are just some suggestions I have, but I will tell you to check out the teams here. I know there are some eating healthy on a budget and couponing teams. Congratulations on taking that step to join Spark People. It's a wonderful, invaluable place!!!

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Welcome MamaRuth, there is a sparkspeople cookbook that has a special section on how to adjust your foods for diabetes. There is a great support system for diabetics, from a total diabetes tracking system and diet recommendations.
you can find a lot more about sparks in the "Getting Started Guide" that shares all things Sparks. You will also find a huge support system for people who are in the same situation you are in.
Utilized the guide to learn your way around sparks and get yourself started, then start using the cook book to help you adopt yummy recipes that will meet your needs and their as well.
if they are living with you, they should be supportive of what you need to do to keep your disease in check, and their are great suggestions on the teams/message boards as well from Chef Meg.

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I have to cook for 2 adult children living with me on a limited budget. I cannot have, red meat,caffeine,sugar or fried foods. I am a diabetic. Is there any suggestions as to how and what to cook so I can stay within my diet and cook for them to. they won't eat a lot of the food I have to eat.

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