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5/22/13 9:27 A

My sweets craveings are bad between Thanksgiving to Christmas. I try to resist but its very difficult sometimes. My mind wants to resist but my stomach says yum go for it!!I need to get will power and stick to it. emoticon

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
5/22/13 9:10 A

you don't say if this occurs at a specific time or place, so any suggestions may just be of a general nature.

If it's at work - make sure you pack good, healthy, filling snacks with you, so you don't have to reach for the candy.

If at home; put the items out of sight/reach.
If they belong to someone else (even if they don't - play a mind game and pretend they do)

KWING517 Posts: 915
5/22/13 8:11 A

If I'm really craving a certain treat, I stop and think about what it will really taste like - not what the commercial says it will taste like, and not what my watering mouth thinks it will taste like, but really what it will taste like - then I ask, is that what I really want?

9 times out of 10, no, it's not what I really want, so I let it go. Especially around the holidays you get those "lesser quality" chocolates that taste like wax - it's getting pretty easy to talk myself out of those.

I always try to decide exactly what I'm looking for (sweet, salty, carbs), and even if it's something bad for me, I'll let myself have just a little to get over the craving, then I stop. This works best when I have someone to share it with so I don't have the option of eating the whole thing.

I'm also pretty good at reminding myself that the flavor of whatever it is will only last in my mouth for a max time of just a few minutes, so is it really worth giving up my life-long goals for just that couple of minutes of flavor?

Good luck on finding what works for you - you can do it!!

GETINTHEGROOVE SparkPoints: (346)
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5/22/13 5:36 A

How can I resist reaching for the candy bar etc. etc. emoticon that seems to be calling out my name.I try hard to resist but its very hard when I get hungury to eat the wrong foods to stop the hunger pains. After I eat the sweet I get mad at myself for giving in and tell myself no. of course by then its to late as I have already eaten the food that I wasn't going to eat!

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