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3/8/13 11:08 P

You can also tie (double knot) the bands around your ankles with one end short so you don't step on it, hold the long end in your hands and take 4 wide steps to the right side, then 4 wide steps to the left. Do 8 sets with your knees straight, then do 8 sets in a semi-squat position. They're called fire walkers, and they really work your inner and outer thighs!!

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3/8/13 9:40 P

they work just as well as the ones with handles if your hands are strong enough to hold on. You sometimes have to get creative if they want you to say: slide the leg of some heavy furniture through one handle to secure it: try using the band with least resistance, wrapping it around something so that it doubles and holding both ends in one hand.

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3/8/13 7:05 P

You can tie them around toilet paper cores or use a wash cloth with duck tape.

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3/8/13 6:16 P

wearing gloves helps too. i prefer the bands with handles but my dad uses ones without- he wraps them around various sturdy pieces of furniture/hooks he's installed all over his house. works just as well!

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3/8/13 1:50 P

just wrap the ends around your hands for a better grip.

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3/8/13 1:49 P

I have the resistance band without handles. I don't see videos or demos with those bands. I cannot buy alot so I like to use what I have.

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