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CBR0422UNCW SparkPoints: (3,325)
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1/21/13 10:58 P

I allow myself some chocolate almond milk or an Apple when I'm craving a sweet. luckily for me I don't have a huge sweet tooth. but, what has helped me not to crave any of my off limits foods (I've made the switch to almost entirely whole foods and no gluten, wheat, soy, dairy, corn, hfcs, artificial sweeteners, etc) is to look at the label and remind myself of all the chemical yuk that's in it or what it does to my body. also, Google what a pound of fat looks like and keep that in your head for when you feel weak.


1/21/13 9:28 P

I agree - cold turkey for six months will almost always do the trick.

Sometimes, it can be upsetting to finally "give in" after six months, and when you have the first bite, it's DISGUSTING!

(Goodbye, packaged pastries, donuts, french fries, and fast-food chicken....I never knew how awful you were until I quit you.)

1/21/13 7:15 P

Going cold turkey has been working well for me! At least stick to dark chocolate and avoid most of the sugar.

VIKINGSMOMDE SparkPoints: (29,537)
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1/21/13 12:35 P

For me, a HUGE sweet tooth trigger is any sort of sweet drink ... diet coke, crystal light, diet tea, etc. Dropping those drinks made the cravings for chocolate and other sweets diminish enormously. My palate was truly reset. Took me about 3 weeks to wean myself from soda & other diet drinks but I've been sweet-drink-free for about five months now.

IMO, you don't need to make chocolate & sweets "disgusting" ... just find a way to portion-control them & make them a treat rather than an everyday.

I can now indulge in sweets now without losing control & can work them into my life without blowing both calories & fat #s for the day. I appreciate & savor them now more too.

H0KIE_GIRL SparkPoints: (3,588)
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1/21/13 11:50 A

I don't crave sweets... but I crave cheese.

Now with sweets and cakes and everything I use to eat them constantly and the easiest thing for me was to just not buy the junk food. If its not in the house I'm not going to buy it. And I kinda had to do the same thing for cheese - I buy sometimes to use it with but for the most part things like mac and cheese and nacho dip just aren't bought because I know how much calories those are going to pack on.

And eventually, just not having it will make the desires go away to have it. Now when the sweets and cakes are around me I can see them all day at work but I just don't want them.

DVLSH161401 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/21/13 11:29 A

I have the same problem with craving sweets espeically the chocolate. I had a coupon for some Skinny Cow Candy and one of my local stores had it on sale so I bought some and it really satisfied my chocoholic craving emoticon the ones I got tasted like the turtles candies that I love but the whole package was a lot less calories than most candy bars have. I think that if I want candy I will start buying the skinny cow candy and build those calories into my daily allotment. emoticon something like budgeting my calories emoticon the way I do on holidays and I know I'll be having a huge dinner. I must say though tracking my food has really been eye opening, so many things/foods have a lot more calories than I realized they do emoticon

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
1/21/13 7:43 A

You might find the "Tame Your Sweet Tooth Challenge" to be helpful.

Coach Tanya

AUDREYUK Posts: 631
1/21/13 6:46 A

I'd say go for some good quality dark chocolate and some roasted hazelnuts and combine for a snack. No reason you can't enjoy that in moderation!

KOALA_BEAR SparkPoints: (18,475)
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1/20/13 9:12 P

For me, sometimes going "cold turkey" is best. I happen to love fruit flavors esepcially lemon so you might try eating hard (sour or not) candies in place of a piece chocolate. Most have fewer calories piece for piece. Then you can try weaning off the sweets altogether.

You should also keep a list of how you like the chocolate. If you like chocolate pudding and warm is your thing then maybe having a cup of low cal cocoa would be better - just changing up the chocolate itself by texture. For instance, there are healthier chocolate treats like cereal with chocolate soy milk.

I also find that certain times of day are triggers so I plan another "treat" which might be diet Jello as a parfait with low cal Cool Whip on top and sprinkled with chopped nuts, bits of fruit, or dried coconut.

You may need to use different strategies at different times until your palate has changed.
I just gave up artificial sweetners including diet soda. Instead of one per day, I cut back to one a week. Now I drink plain ice tea especially out. It took about a week and I just made up my mind I was stubborn enough to do it. You can, too. Good luck!

ETHELMERZ Posts: 19,292
1/20/13 8:54 P

I keep on eating dark chocolate, even my dietitian agrees with that. The nutella, I will never allow into this house again, ever. I don't like peanut butter, but my husband does, so we always have some of that here, but he is able to just have some now and then. The chocolate thing, I buy Lindt bars, 70% cocoa, and I have 2 pieces, or allow 2 pieces a day. By now, I don't have them every day, it's just good to know that I can if I want. Or you can get dark chocolate chips, and divide them into little cups, and you choose how many a day you can have. Also, I buy either Skinny Cow frozen fudge bars, or Healthy Choice frozen fudge bars, and I have one for my 7 pm snack, that happens to be my time when I must have a snack. Knowing that you have something good to look forward to, can help keep you on the straight and narrow. You may falter, but, who hasn't??

INSANITY77 SparkPoints: (7,904)
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1/20/13 8:41 P

for decades, i have enjoyed chocolate and sweets

nutella is the closest to heaven i have been

ferrero rocher... a must

BUT i really want to "reset" my palate so these things i no longer crave/desire these things which i know are not worth the calories

i am not sure how to do it.... this is really years of constant training that these chocolatey decadent treats were good....

ANY advice?

how can i make these things "disgusting" (I mean, I do a great job at not touching certain vegetables....i want to do the same thing with chocolate....)?


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