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Thanks for the responses!

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6/5/13 12:29 A

While recovering from the 1st set of exercise A, you can do the 1st set of exercise B (working an entirely different muscle group), before going back to do the 2nd set of exercise A, etc.

This is known as 'supersetting' and is an entirely legitimate training technique.

I agree with the other posters - if you can do 20 reps, it is time to move up to a heavier weight/more challenging exercise. If you can do 20 reps, it is no longer challenging enough to be effective ST. One way to make things more challenging is to slow things down - 3 seconds for the up movement, and 3 seconds for the down. That way it is your muscles doing all the work, not 'bounce' or momentum.


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First as said before 20 repetitions of any strength exercise is excessive for increasing muscularity and strength. You want to say at 8 to 10 repetitions per set. You can do the workout two ways, a series of exercises in a group (circuit) then a rest period before repeating the circuit. The standard protocol is to do X repetitions of exercise Y for Z sets then rest before moving on to the next exercise. Never more than 6 or 8 exercises per workout.

It is called WORK-ing out for a reason.

I said getting fit was simple, I did not say it was easy.

Cardio burns calories, strength work burns fat.

Eat well to lose weight, exercise to get fit

You can not build a six pack using twelve packs

Often when we seek a magic bullet for fitness we end up shooting ourselves in the foot.

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Honestly, all of the ST workouts I have done I have never done that many reps. Think about it... if you're doing bicep curls, 3 sets of 20 means 60 bicep curls. If you can do 60, then how heavy are you REALLY lifting??? Up your weights and you can decrease the # of reps that you need to do! If you're doing that many reps and doing all of the sets at once, your 60th one isn't going to be as effective as your first, so I would probably do the whole first set, move to the 2nd, etc.

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6/4/13 7:43 P

I have always wondered something about repetitions & hope someone can answer this.
When you are working from a list of exercises - let's say 8 different moves - and the directions say to do 3 sets of 20 you a) do all sets with rest in between for one move before moving on to the next or b) do 1 set of each exercise then go back & repeat?
Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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