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EELYRAM7 Posts: 370
2/14/13 10:05 A

Think of bad diet days like bad hair days. Just because your hair is bad today doesn't mean you are doomed to have bad hair forever! You wouldn't say, "My hair is frizzy today, I might as well stop washing it and brushing it and just give up" because that makes just as much sense as "I overate today, I might as well stop eating healthy and exercising and just give up."

PBAKER12 Posts: 17
2/14/13 9:17 A

it is okay to have a bad day.

YOUNMM23 SparkPoints: (32,275)
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2/14/13 7:15 A

Thank you so much everyone... I feel a lot better this morning. Last night I sat myself down and planned out a healthy and filling gameplan for tomorrow. I'm sipping a delicious black cherry smoothie this morning, and am bringing oatmeal tomorrow which will keep me satisfied. I'm not going to kick myself about yesterday, or try and make up for those calories yesterday because I'll just get hungry and frustrated, so I'm just treating today as a new day.

2/14/13 12:24 A

It's okay! :)

As others have said, you are human. And beating yourself up and feeling like you let yourself down is not a healthy cycle to get into. In my experience, as an emotional eater, I know that if I beat myself up for making poor food choices, I end up making MORE poor choices, trying to comfort myself. That is no bueno.

Instead of the guilt, put a positive spin on it. I would say to you, "You slipped today. But you are still on a healthy journey. You are aware of your health and what you are putting into your body, and awareness is the first step. Learn from this, and accept yourself. Fear and guilt and shame are false friends. Get back on track tomorrow and forgive yourself for today.:"

AMBITIOUSXO SparkPoints: (2,506)
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2/13/13 10:34 P

I too went over my calories today but instead of falling back on the old "beat myself up" routine, I calmly regrouped and went to the gym and said that tomorrow I will resume as normal. I cant let that drag me down into feeling guilty or shameful, those feelings lasted for about a second but We all make mistakes and we cant let that overshadow our progress! You are not alone today or any other day you go over your calories, just regroup and keep it moving!


DIVAMAMAOFTWO SparkPoints: (18,272)
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2/13/13 7:32 P

It's totally OK..we're human and are going to make an occassional mistake. Just stay focus on your goals and remember tomorrow is a new day and the every day is a clean slate! Best Wishes on reaching your fitness goals! emoticon

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2/13/13 7:24 P


It's OK!!! As long as you do not allow the guilt and shame to knock you off track your are just fine--Remember weight loss occurs over a period of many days--not just one day. When I was a year into my journey (7 years) ago I sat and ate a WHOLE bowl of No Pudge Brownie batter with walnuts--it was total binge fest--but when I committed myself to not ever giving up on Feb 9, 2005, I forgave myself and did not wait for a new day to make healthy choices---I started right then and there.

Be strong--forgive yourself.

Coach Nancy

YOUNMM23 SparkPoints: (32,275)
Fitness Minutes: (25,396)
Posts: 559
2/13/13 7:11 P

I went over my calorie goal by 1000 calories today. I'm normally right in my calorie goal. I'm feeling SO guilty right now (and full, of course). The logical side of me is saying, hello, it is one day, every deserves a cheat day, it just means I didn't lose any weight today, since I have a 1000 calorie deficit every day. The emotional side says, you idiot, you are on a slippery slope!

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