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4/4/11 6:11 P

that my biggest problem i don't breath and i don't know tranier is always teling me two breath.don't forget to breath.when working out at the daughter tell me mom breath.

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4/4/11 3:05 P

This is one of my problems to breath. thanks for asking the question. I have yet forgotten how to eat. but, breathing is making me go into pain attacks for now i just move around with the kids and walk dog.

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4/4/11 2:56 P

This is a problem for me too....
When I skied I was trained to exhale on each turn, and when I did kickboxing we were trained to exhale on each contact, so that forced us to keep our breathing regular.

Now that I don't do either of those (well, I kickbox in my 'off season')I have a hard time with it. I'll get through a whole set for dance and be gasping because I forgot to breath! The best thing is just to make it a habit - force yourself to exhale with a specific movement, like each time you switch poses, or if you're walking, inhale for 2 steps, exhale for 2, etc. Just keep focusing on it until it becomes second nature.

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4/4/11 9:40 A

Are you doing yoga alone, or with a video or in a classroom setting. Usually and instructor will regularly remind you. Also, when done properly, usually you should be inhaling and exhaling into different positions. When you move into cat, you should be exhaling, and when you move into cow, you shoudl be inhaling. if you have to say it out loud as you move through your flow then do so.

"Exhale into Cat, Inhale to Cow" and such.

Also during strength training exaggerating breathing helps. A big blow everytime you crunch up, a big blow everytime you push up, etc.

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4/4/11 9:34 A

What is the best way to help train myself to remember to breath. I constantly catch myself holding my breath when doing anything from yoga to just walking at a brisk pace.

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