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8/20/13 2:10 P

i just did some yoga-like relaxation poses and they are REALLY helping me greatly. Plus a piriformis stretch. I am finding that gentle stretching is helping, and not stretch to the max

I am also finding that certain stretches are NOT good for my piriformis/sciatica pain, AT ALL.

but the relief is so far so good.

I plan on going to my dr. the last time she just told me to get a foam roller. totally not helpful.

i think i will get a general practicioner to refer me

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8/19/13 7:40 P

You might want to talk to your doctor about it. Also consider asking your doc for a referral to see a physical therapist who can design a set of exercises specific to your needs- especially for those times when your back pain flares up.

Coach Jen

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8/19/13 5:44 P

Once you get yourself comfortable and pain free, I'd personally start with just walking (gradually extending how far you go; according to what works for you) & try doing the gym with a personal trainer (or physical therapy) for further exercise routines. Going to a chiropractor, massage therapy or even acupuncture may also be helpful before you start working out. With that much pain going on, I definitely wouldn't push it. You need to get yourself pain free, comfortable and confident in movement, so you don't injure yourself.

Sorry, if I am not much help.

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8/19/13 5:36 P

I have chronic back pain that I keep in check with exercise.

well I had a minor precedure done that required bed rest, which sort of aggravated my chronic back pain, plus my chronic psciatica/priformis pain.

it is sooo painful that I just can't do my usual routine.


so I am trying to do some research on how to allevitiate it.

once I figure a good routine, where do i go from there?

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