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6/23/11 12:23 P


If you come across recipes like this, you can click the button to report the recipe. Since the recipes are member-submitted and shared, sometimes mistakes are made when members enter them. Sorry you had trouble!

LMAY0107 Posts: 24
6/22/11 7:38 P

It has become very frustrating to not be able to simply add a recipe to your meal for the day due to inaccuracies. I can not say how many times I have had to double check things because the calorie count is wrong. For example, the last recipe I made was fabulous!! When I went to track it I made some changes because I used fat free milk instead of 2% and I also used less of some calorie count came up higher than the one listed!!! After checking the ingredients of the one already listed I noticed several errors including white flour listed with 0 calories!!! It is just annoying to think that the people who are thinking that they are cooking healthy recipes may be tracking inaccurate calorie counts from recipes and then wondering why they're not losing the weight!!!!

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