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The previous poster has given you some good advice. Here's an article you might find helpful:

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You need to figure out why you're eating at night. It's possible you're not eating enough during the day, and that could explain why you come home and over-eat (we tend to over-eat when we allow ourselves to get overly hungry). It also could just be habit (this is what you've always done, so you want to keep doing it), or it could have some kind of emotional or psychological root (say, you're getting home when no one else is awake and you're feeling kind of lonely, and using food to fill that space). The solution really depends on the reason for the problem.

If you're eating out of true hunger, you need to tweak your meals during the day to provide yourself with more nutrition so you don't get so hungry. If it's a boredom or habit thing, come up with a new habit (drinking tea, doing push-ups, giving yourself a home manicure, whatever) to replace eating. If it's an emotional/psychological thing, you need to solve that problem (to stick with my loneliness example, you could use that time when you come home from work to send e-mails to friends or to blog here on Spark - you could probably even find friends here on Spark who, because of where they live in the world or because of their own work schedule, will be awake at that time so you can message back and forth with them).

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I am really needing help with nightime eating. It is making me gain. I work afternoons and love to come home help!

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