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MORDALIA Posts: 10
5/24/13 10:34 P

I enter all my favourite recipes into the recipe calculator. It takes a bit of time but once in, it makes it really quick!

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,342
5/24/13 7:40 P


You will probably be pleasantly surprised when you search for your favorite Indian foods in the nutrition tracker database. There's a lot of things you will find listed. For example, "aloo saag" - there's an "official Sparkpeople entry" (full nutritional breakdown for an average/typical serving of this dish) as well as about 15 user-created entries from other Sparkers who have worked out their own favorite-recipes or restaurant items for themselves. You can use one of these entries, or you can create your own entry (the Recipe Creator is VERY handy for working out the information on dishes you prepare often yourself).

Personally, I like to track each individual ingredient as I am cooking. Half cup cooked chick peas, two teaspoons oil, one medium onion, and so on and so on.... This is easy when I'm cooking for one or two - when i am doing bigger quantities, the math and effort gets too complex so i'll use the Recipe Creator instead, to work out "per serving."

LEYLA2 Posts: 265
5/24/13 2:01 P

thanks Kelly, i will check out. :)

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5/24/13 11:39 A


Here is a link to a video tutorial that will help you.

Be well,

LEYLA2 Posts: 265
5/24/13 10:11 A

hi there,
i am having difficulties tracking my food, i am of east indian background, so i eat alot of indian food, how do i track that on the nutrition tracker, even regular stuff. i am not sure how to use it.

so if there are any experts out there, would appreciate the help.


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