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KRAMERMS Posts: 1,034
4/21/03 9:03 A

Good to see you here Rachel. Seems like there's plenty of exercise to be had chasing three kids around all day :)

SPARKGUY SparkPoints: (69,956)
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Posts: 14,444
4/19/03 6:36 P

That parenting help will come in handy Rachel - we have a lot of new parents around here - and ours is on the way - and a couple of other people are probably in the hot seat!


RACHELD Posts: 51
4/19/03 1:13 P

thanks guys! i have plenty of experience parenting- so if anyone has questions about anything- direct 'em my way...

SP_COACH_JOE Posts: 7,941
4/18/03 5:36 P

Welcome aboard Rachel and family!!! Way to keep fighting! All the things you're learning along the journey are going to help you in so many other areas of your life, and what an example you are setting for your kids!

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
4/18/03 2:54 P

Also Rachel: Plenty of new and soon-to-be parents on this board will be glad to be hearing from you on your parenting experience. Glad you are here.

SPARKGUY SparkPoints: (69,956)
Fitness Minutes: (58,527)
Posts: 14,444
4/18/03 9:03 A

Hi Rachel - welcome to the team! We'll try to help you reach your goal. In addition to tracking your calories, hopefully we can also help you build some positive new habits that will lead to permanent weight loss!


RACHELD Posts: 51
4/17/03 7:40 P

hello... i just thought i'd introduce myself... i'm about to turn 30, am a mother of three (11, 7 and 5), am a stay at home mom, and the reason i've joined up is i need to lose about 30 pounds. i did WW last year, lost 25 pounds and then hit a slump. i have about 30 more to lose- but am having serious trouble doing so. i thought that tracking my cal intake would help- so here's hopin'! bye!

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