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Posts: 176
1/26/10 10:07 A

Thank you all. This is helpful to me. I will try all of these and figure out what works best for me.

SparkPoints: (11,688)
Fitness Minutes: (6,913)
Posts: 596
1/25/10 9:28 A

They say increasing your calcium intake helps with PMS symptoms like the cravings you talked about. Eating things like yogurt, cheese, sardines, milk anything you like with with calcium.

Posts: 74
1/24/10 9:53 P

try fruit its sweet & healthy.

SparkPoints: (11,712)
Fitness Minutes: (13,890)
Posts: 335
1/23/10 2:24 P

Try having a small, high-fiber meal rather than just munching (which never really satisfies me). I really like yogurt and high-fiber granola for a snack.

Posts: 112
1/23/10 2:07 P

It is very frustrating knowing "aunt flo" is coming to visit and the weight is just hanging around, going nowhere! Just keep doing what you do, don't give up and don't give in! If you crave chocolate, choose dark chocolate (in moderation).

Posts: 295
1/22/10 9:10 P

You may also be retaining water, so don't assume you're munching too much just 'cause the weight's not budging.

Posts: 635
1/21/10 5:41 P

I agree -- compromise with your body. I know I'm going to eat more calories for a couple of days, so I try not to beat myself up abut it. I plan so that I'm eating every couple of hours, and I plan my menus so that I'm fueling my body as nutritiously as possible.

Hang in there!

SparkPoints: (120,947)
Fitness Minutes: (184,476)
Posts: 7,690
1/21/10 5:51 A

just make sure you are munching on healthy foods. make sure you have some fruit or veggie that you like ready with you just in case.

Posts: 176
1/20/10 7:39 P

I should be getting my monthly next week. My question is I tend to munch and munch the week before it comes. emoticon Some times even munch that week but mostly I don't. I need to find a way that either I don't munch so much or healthier way of doing it. Any suggestions?

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