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6/2/14 8:40 A

I assume when you set up your SP program that you indicted you wanted to lose weight. Therefore, as the others have indicated your calorie range is already set up for weight loss.

If you discover that you are not losing 1-2 pounds most weeks, please share more info and we can give more suggestions.

For example:
what is your SP calorie range
what is your gender
what is your height.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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6/1/14 8:59 P

" should i be eating more to make sure i get into the range they have."


NIRERIN Posts: 13,453
6/1/14 8:05 P

if you set everything up to lose a pound a week [500 cal a day deficit], then the ranges shown are already at your maintenance calories less those 500 cals. so the program already did the math for you, you just need to eat in between the numbers it gives you.

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6/1/14 7:35 P

No - you are meant to eat between the range it gives. Perhaps on days that you don't get in much exercise or you are fairly inactive, eat toward the lower end (not under) and on the more physical days, eat toward the higher end.

Also, don't just pay attention to the calorie range - check out the fats/carbs/protein range and try to get pretty close to them, too, to ensure that your body gets the nutrients from them that it needs.

Good luck

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6/1/14 6:39 P

when i read my nutrition report, sometimes it says i havent eaten enough. i thought i was suppose to go 500 calories under what it says to lose. am i wrong. should i be eating more to make sure i get into the range they have.

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