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3/18/13 10:49 A

Thanks everyone

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3/18/13 12:39 A

Walking burns calories because it is weight-bearing. You have to lift your body weight (even if only a fraction of an inch) with every step.

But I agree with Unident - with a wagon (unlike say, carrying a 76 pound backpack), the weight goes down the wheels, rather than your legs, and on level ground the extra calorie burn is minimal.

Just log it as 2 miles regular walking.


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3/17/13 11:58 P

The wagon won't add much, if anything. Most of the childrens' weight was going down through the wheels, not actually being carried by you.

Spark mothers have reported finding that pushing the baby in the stroller adds nothing to their running.

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3/17/13 6:35 P

200+ calories, a body walking 3mph on level ground will burn between 95 and 110 calories, since u was pulling the wagon add maybe 25 to 50 cal emoticon

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3/17/13 3:30 P

I would use the walking a mile in 25 minutes for 2 miles

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3/17/13 2:34 P

So today for my workout I did the following and was wondering how much I burned if anyone can help me?
I pulled my two grandchildren, in a wagon who weigh 76 pounds together and I weigh 170 and we did 2 miles in 50 minutes on flat terain. Do you have any idea how muched I burned in this work out? I know my heart rate was up but could still talk. Thanks

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