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question about starting back exercising

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1/15/13 9:11 P

Paxtonblue, I wanted to correct a few misconceptions you have in your post. You have good advice, unfortunately the reasons behind it are incorrect. ;)

Water will not flush toxins from your body. It's not a toilet, and can't be flushed. :) Staying hydrated IS important, however, so it isn't a bad idea at all to drink plenty!

Also, stretching is not going to reduce lactic acid. Lactic acid is mostly gone from your muscles naturally after about an hour, and does not cause DOMS (the soreness after a workout.) What causes this is microscopic tears in the muscle fibers. :) However, stretching after a workout IS indeed wise, and helps reduce injury and improve flexibility.

To the OP: don't be afraid of the ibuprofen, and ice is a very good idea. I've found that when I'm really sore (like I am today!) going for some light cardio like yoga or walking helps work it out and make me feel better. Don't overdo it, though.

Yes, it will get better. Your muscles will heal, and get stronger as a result. NExt time, it won't hurt quite as much. The time after that, a little less, and yes, it does get better with time. Just remember to take adequate rest as you need it... the rest days are when your muscles heal and get stronger!

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1/15/13 8:53 P


If you are too sure to move, it's OK to take a day of rest between workouts until your body adapts to working out again.

As far as your weight is concerned:

Our weight is not a static number, but more like a vital sign. Just like your blood pressure, heart rate and body temp will vary throughout the day, same is true with your weight. Because our bodies are largely made up of water (the fitter we are the more water we retain), any deviation in our diet, hydration, workouts, even hormones can lead to a shift on the scale.

It isn't uncommon to see a slight upward shift in weight when we start exercising, or add a new training regimen and eating better. For one the muscles are making more mitochondria which allow for extra glycogen-stored glucose in the cells- therefore, your body hangs on to more water to help with the cooling off process for exercise and for helping process energy. Your muscles will also have an increase in blood volume in order to have better availability to oxygen and removing waste, especially lactic acid. These things coupled with eating higher fiber foods, such as fruits and veggies can show a gain, when in all reality it is just a shift in fluids.

Take care!

Coach Nancy

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1/15/13 8:50 P

Perhaps you started off too hard. It's maybe better to start slowly and then build up. It's okay to do cardio every day if you want, but you shouldn't do ST to the same part of your body on 2 consecutive days.

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1/15/13 8:48 P

There are three things that might help. First, are you drinking enough water. Make sure that you are drinking enough water to replace what you are losing from working out. That will help flush toxins out of your body. Secondly, are you making sure to stretch after you workout?? You want to make sure to stretch so that it gets out all the lactic acid out of your muscles after a good workout. Lastly, sometimes eating protein after a workout can help. The protein helps your muscles repair themselves.

Sometimes ice can help as well, or a nice warm bath with some epsome salts. Best of luck, and don't give up, you can do it :)

Edited by: PAXTONBLUE at: 1/15/2013 (20:49)

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1/15/13 8:13 P

I just started back exercising after a 2 month break. Its only been 2 days and I can even move i'm so sore. I can't workout today because my calves hurt so bad.I haven't done weights just cardio jumping and stuff. Is this going to go away so I can continie to workout? Any suggestions on what to do? Also I ended up gaining weight this week instead of losing, which is odd because I started working out and changed my diet.I have heard you can gain a few pounds weight lifting when you first start but not with cardio. Just odd to me

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